Not the only one

22 09 2009

Well it’s good to see that I’m not the only one circulating free No2Lisbon material, just saw that two other artists have designed posters. You can see them on either their blog or on .

That actually brings me nicely to my own indymedia article. Dead chuffed with the article written by a local contributor Bazra B (an even more bizzare pen name than mine…………. I should have probably asked him where that came from). Anyway the article is here

I have recieved a couple of photos of the poster stuck up in a few different locations, I hope to stick them up if I get enough of them.

No2Lisbon Poster

14 09 2009

It was really enjoyable doing this poster. It’s not something I have done before to be honest, political posters I mean. I decided to use the old 60’s/70’s posters for inspiration, after all posters or banners which someone has sat down, thought about and then made themselves have an overwhelming charm and always bring an element of intrigue to demos and protests. I will try and upload some examples of what kind of posters I am talking about soon.

I hope the poster does end up being used across the country, maybe it’s just me but I think the idea of a poster like this which can be used so easily is a great idea (for which the concept was not all mine I must add before you think blowing my own trumpet)I have already seen it stuck up around Kildare but not sure about elsewhere. It would be really nice (if people use the poster) to have a collection of  photos of it up all around the country, I know this is a side issue and the main thing is that the result is NO once more.

Spread the word and feel free to pass the poster on and on. Oh there is supposed to be a piece on Indymedia going up soon as I was speaking to a local contributor so fingers crossed.




Hello world!

12 09 2009

Hiya people

Thanks for dropping in on my blog. I hope to post stuff on my art etc. maybe even some stuff on music but just bare with me while I get to grips with this whole blog thing, it’s all new to me.